• Three Reasons to Choose Only PVA, PVC and BPAFree Products for Babies

    It’s a given that all parents would want to know how safe and effective products are before giving them to their children to play with or consume. One of the frequently asked questions of concerned parents and caregivers is “Why are PVA, PVC and BPA free products safe for babies?” Here are three reasons why you’re strongly advised to choose only baby products that are free of these chemicals.

    #1: They are less likely to harbor microorganisms and harmful bacteria.

    PVA, which expands into polyvinyl acetate, is a type of thermoplastic that’s often found in carpenter’s glue and adhesives for paper packaging, bookbinding, handicrafts, wallpaper, drywall primer, and envelopes. Because of its usefulness, it’s been a ubiquitous ingredient in many products, including diapers, sanitary napkins, paints and coatings.

    The third most widely used thermoplastic polymer, which is PVC or polyvinyl chloride, also presents risks to consumer health. Oily colorless phthalates are added to make the usually rigid vinyl softer to touch and more flexible.

    The presence of these chemicals in consumer products, however, meant bad news for children, especially teething babies who put anything they can grasp into their mouths. Polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl chloride attract microbes and certain fungi, including lichens and yeasts, when they degrade. Thus, baby products that use PVA glue, vinyl or any materialcontaminated with these rubbery polymers are actually endangering the health of your child.

    #2: They won’t put your nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems out of whack.

    At the same time, continued exposure to Bisphenol-A or BPA, which is another universal ingredient in plastic products, brings greater health risks to babies and toddlers. Research studies have found significant evidence that links BPA exposure to multiple health risks, including cancer, infertility, erectile dysfunction, behavioral problems,hormonal imbalance, diabetes, obesity, and early onset of puberty.

    #3: They are just as fun and colorful as conventional plastic products.

    You have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to the attractiveness of non-BPA and PVC-free products for kids. The organic paints are beautiful to look at and the designs on the woodor fiberglass material appear as trendy as the rest of them. The best part of these products, however, is that they won’t leach plastic chemicals into your baby’s developing body. Your child’s developmental growth shall continue without a glitch.

    Of course, there are more reasons for parents to choose only clean and organic baby products. Foremost is the huge help it does in protecting the environment from further exposure to non-biodegradable waste and poisonous toxins. Another reason is that it provides manufacturers the opportunity to innovate using all-natural ingredients in making those infant top teething toys, sippy cups, milk bottles, and other products for babies.

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