• The Journey to Rediscover Myself

     “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished” – Benjamin Franklin.

    This is one quote that I have learn to live by; it has provided me strength, courage and it has opened untapped doors for new opportunities in every aspect of my life. A victim of child abuse turned into a striving philanthropist, and a mother of a beautiful baby girl, this is my gutsy story.

    Being the younger sibling, I was the most pampered baby of the house. The love and warmth of my family didn’t leave me for an instance. It was a scorching sunny summer day that it all changed- and changed for the worse; it was a living nightmare. That night changed my life and my perspective on life altogether – I had to be brave and pull myself together for my family because they needed me. No, I needed them more than ever.

    From a carefree and happy person, the next few years of my life turned terrible. The post traumatic experience led me to become anti social, scared and paranoid. My family decided to move away to a new country. They chose Belize because they had heard a lot about its tranquil and simple life. We eventually relocated there when my parents found a residential lot near the bay. It was through the constant love and support from my family that I was able to pull myself together again. Also, because Belize made gave me fresh air, fresh food and a healthy lifestyle to help me get better.

    It is true that experiences mould your thinking process, your perspective on things, on life and everything in between. It was on this dry autumn day, several years later, while sipping a warm apple and cinnamon drink, I realized I needed to help others who suffered like me; who were victims of abuse- domestic, child, sexual, etc. I gathered courage and with some motivation from the family I began my journey to a new life, a life that was to change – this time for the better.

    I must say, that nothing is more satisfying than helping others. The most I could do back then with little finances was to set up a small portion of my house, and call people over from the neighborhood. I made handmade invite cards, so they come and share their stories. I started working part time at a store and saved 80% of my earnings for these people. My first goal to address the issue and to spread awareness about abuse was achieved when I found people from the neighborhood pouring in each time I sent them an invite.

    I was lucky to have amazing and cooperative neighbors who helped however they could; financially, with kind and appreciative words and much more. It was after struggling for eight long months that I was able to set up a proper place in the corner of my house. People from other localities joined in and started coming for support group sessions.

    Later on, I enrolled myself in an online diploma in psychology, to learn ways and techniques that I could use to help victims of abuse. The process was slow and steady and I gradually was able to run the support group more often, from one in two weeks to once a week. We sometimes held the sessions on the crystal blue beaches nestled between lush green trees that had a positive effect on people.

    Belize sees many tourists each year, and immigrants too like me, who come to change their life for better, to rediscover them. Belize is simply beautiful, and is now my home. The support group is still active and running; while I am happily married with my husband, who loves our beautiful daughter and me and is a major source of encouragement behind running this support group.

    Belize is abundant with pearls of nature with beautiful people, clear waters and green lands. It has residential lots for sale too as many families have relocated here to find tranquility, peace and serenity.




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