• Functionality Overview of Zoom H4n Portable Recorder

    Zoom has introduced world’s best audio recorder which have special feature of portability. H4n Handy recorder has been introduced by adding some extra features in the H4 and it has become a popular audio recorder in the market of recorders. H4n can be used to record your interviews of personalities, students can use it recoding lectures and meeting conversation recording can help to make meeting notes. In the field of music rehearsals can be performed by using h4n. H4n handy recorder is small device which can be fit in your pocket or you can hold at your palm allows you to get studio quality audio recording up to 4-channels.

    You can connect your microphone, instruments, computer system, DSLR camera and external output devices with its special I/O features. Let’s have a look why it is better than others handy recorders.

    Size and Structure

    H4n handy recorder is very small in size has only few grams weight which increase its feature of portability. You can carry it like you carry your phone with ease. It has rubber casing which save it from scratches and external damage and it increase its durability.

    Recording Up to 4-channels

    Zoom h4n handy recorder has MTR mode with 4-track which allow to record the audio at the level of 4-track and its uses 8 playback track option while playing the songs. You can record and play more than 1 song at a time.

    Internal Microphones

    It has special internally built microphones which record high quality audio without any disturbance and interruption.

    External Microphones

    If you want to attach any microphone externally, don’t worries H4n handy recorder has this features too. You can attach any external microphone with h4n and it has special gears which allow attachment of your guitar with this handy device.

    Versatile pattern of recording

    Its internal microphones have option to set the recording pattern from 90 degrees to 120 degrees which increase the quality of audio recording.

    Amplifier Quality

    It has been designed with a special pre-amplifier which allow to record high quality, clear and exact audio which you wish to have.

    Easy Storage

    The Zoom H4n handy recorder supports the use of SD card up to 32 GB which is a better storage option than tapes and CDs as if compact disks  got scratches, it can harm your whole data and will be tough to recover it. So SD cards provide better safety to store your data.

    File Transfer facility

    H4n has special port of 2.0 for USB attachment; you can attach your handy device with your computer system to transfer your files easily.

    Output devices

    It supports all types of output devices too like headphones. H4n has its own speakers also which can help you to listen your recording instantly.

    Energy Consumption

    Zoom h4n handy recorder has capacity to use it batteries for long time period. It uses two batteries which make you able to record anything up to 11 hours continuously without any trouble. It’s long battery life making it more popular than other recorders.

    By seeing above all features, everyone can get idea that how much beneficial to have a zoom h4n handy recorder for best audio recording.

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