• Amber Nectar Historical Facts 

    There is nothing better than finishing a long day at work or a game by throwing back a coldie with your mates. But how much do you know about that brew you love so much? Do you know where it was invented or who invented it? Here’s a bit of trivia about beer to share the next time you’re enjoying a brew with friends.

    While the first alcoholic beverage was made of fermented fruit, rice and honey and has been traced back 9,000 years to China, it is most probable that the original barley concoction was brewed in the Middle East. The drinking water from the rivers of the Middle East was extremely polluted with animal waste. So, a fermented brew was a better choice for staying hydrated.

    The word ‘bibere’, which is Latin and means ‘to drink’, is where the word beer originated. Traditions regarding beer or ale were already deeply ingrained in English society by the 11th. Century. Brides of that period practiced a custom of haggling with guests by offering an ale for a donation. That’s where the word bridal comes from. It is a blend of two words, bride and ale.

    In fact, it is from old England that the saying, ‘wet your whistle’ was coined. Beer or ale mugs originally had whistles built right into their rims so that all a patron needed to do to procure another brew was to whistle.

    Now, nearly every country in the world enjoys some form of beer. In Japan, for instance, you can actually get a beer at the train station, from a vending machine. We have been enjoying our frothy brews for thousands of years, and we have learned that beer tastes its best frosty cold. Rob Adam Refrigeration specializes in designing, supplying and maintaining commercial refrigeration. If you are looking for the best in great mobile coolroom hire in Sydney, then visit Rob Adam Refrigeration at www.rar.com.au.

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