• 3D Printing

    One of the most amazing technological advances in recent times is the 3D printer. It involves the process of printing a 3D product from a digital model. The creation of this printer will completely revolutionize the manufacturing sector.

    Some of the incredible things a 3D printer has created:

    The Recreation of a Face

    In 2012 a Welsh man was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident; as a result of the accident he received broken bones including his jaw, skull and both cheekbones and eye sockets. The extent of his injuries made it too risky to repair the left side of his face during life-saving surgery, leaving him disfigured. A 3D printer was used to scan an image of his face and surgeons were able to implant replica cheekbones made from medical-grade titanium. He now has the confidence to be out in public without being embarrassed by his appearance.

    Stem Cells
    A cell printer has been created by scientists at the University of Edinburgh. With this printer it may one day be possible to create bones for babies born with birth defects and patients with injuries. More complex tissue may eventually be rebuilt, including organs such as the liver and heart. Perhaps custom body parts will be created from this invention!

    Personalized Medicine

    A university professor at Glasgow University believes it may be possible to upload our genome to a printer at some point in the future. The printer would then be able to custom create medication, saving trips to the chemist!

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