• Pilates and Its Benefits

    Joseph Pilates introduced the popular “Pilates” fitness method almost 100 years ago as a way to in-crease our core strength and endurance by engaging the whole body. Pilates promotes a strength bal-ance within our bodies through different positions and poses, similar to yoga. When Pilates was devel-oping the exercise, he was inspired through Eastern practices and Zen Buddhism, and the fitness meth-od can be performed with a fitness mat or “reformer” machine, which provides resistance through spring and pulley systems.

    Pilates offers several benefits, and some even relate to yoga - but Pilates has more of a focus on core muscles and strength, instead of spirituality and meditation like yoga. There are several benefits stem-ming from Pilates exercise, such as:

    • Increased flexibility
    • Less lower back pain
    • Enhanced overall posture
    • Heightened body awareness
    • Increased spinal mobility
    • Better focus
    • Increased bone density
    • Stronger muscular endurance

    Pilates is meant for core strengthening and the improvement of overall flexibility. You should not use Pilates to replace any cardiovascular exercise of full-body strength routines that you already practice. No matter how old you are or what your fitness level is, Pilates can be a positive and productive addi-tion to your routine. The exercises are considered challenging for even the toughest athletes, but the results are worth it, and you’re always free to work at your own pace.

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