• Online Education as a Remedy for Those Who Missed First Learning Opportunity

    Introduction: There are indeed many people in this world who has been deprived of first learning opportunities due to circumstantial and other factors, but who would indeed like to get themselves educated without further ado. For these kinds of people, uneducated and unlettered yet self serving and self sufficient, online education is indeed god sent. In these days of technological advancement and propagation, it is possible to get oneself educated, not only with the help of schools and teachers, but only with the help of a home computer and possible internet connection. 

    Anytime, anywhere, anybody education: Study at home, unlike its physical school cousin, does not have bias, discrimination or prejudices of any kind. It can be learned by anybody who is wiling and keen and perhaps offers the same educational value as physical school educations offers, and even better. Under online education, there is neither need for physical presence during any lecture session nor need for minimum attendance, or carrying books and other paraphernalia, to and from schools. Besides, education could be pushed at one’s own convenient time, hour and place.

    More compact and user-friendly curriculum: The curriculum or syllabus of online education is designed and enforced by education professionals who have years of expertise and experience in the line. There are no unwanted course materials and resources are carefully chosen to suit current needs, demands and industry requirements. It is career and employment focused and does not thrust education on its readers and students. For people who have missed the bus while they were young in terms of conventional education, online courses could offer the best of both worlds, education and enjoyment.

    Does not require minimum education levels, or accomplishments: Studying in University, or other precincts does require minimum education levels but this is not needed for online studies, which are totally based on how online students can currently perform and complete studies to the best of their abilities, competencies and skill levels. Unlike class studies, there is no force or compulsion applied and students are at leisure to do as they please as long as they maintain and gain required levels of academic attainments. In the case of classroom studies, failure means expulsion from school settings but this is not so in the case of online studies under which alternative educational courses could be pursued with equal vigor and level of success.

    Potential students could choose which course to pursue: Finally, in the online learning system, students are free to choose their own educational pursuits without fear or favor, and there is no compulsion or forced studies. Educators exert minimum demands and the system is more student friendly than classrooms settings where educational settings, standards and the policies of the University rule supreme, often ignoring, or displacing student academic interests and well being. Students must follow the rules or leave the institution, but in online settings, being commercial ventures, the best interests of student community are often provided maximum and topmost importance and the systems are very user friendly and student disposed.

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