• The Importance of Insulin for Diabetic patients

    What is Diabetes?

    Diabetes is often referred by the name “diabetes mellitus” in the field of medical science. Diabetes is a disease caused mostly in adults due to lack of enough required amount of Insulin in their body. There are three types of Diabetes chiefly, they are:
    1. Type 1 Diabetes - Type one Diabetes is insulin dependent, most of the people usually develop Type one diabetes before their 40th birth year, and very often in late teenage and early adulthood years.
    2. Type 2 Diabetes - Type two diabetes is caused only when a human body fails to make enough required insulin for the proper functioning of itself, or when the cells in their body do not react to insulin, this is also called insulin resistance. Type 2 Diabetes account for 90 percent of the total diabetes diseases worldwide.
    3. Gestational Diabetes - Gestational Diabetes is only seen in females at the time of their pregnancy, many women have high levels of glucose in their blood and so during the time of pregnancy, their body fails to process the excess glucose in blood level due to lack of insulin in their body.

    The Role of Insulin in Human Body.


    Insulin is very important for a human being, low levels of Insulin in the body of a person can lead to seriously dangerous defect diseases and one of the basic disease caused due to lack of Insulin is Diabetes.

    1. Regulate sugar level in the Blood Stream. The most important work of Insulin is to keep the level of the sugar in the blood stream with in a normal range. Carbohydrates break into sugar and enter in the blood. Normally, pancreases produces enough Insulin for the synthesis of excess sugar in the form of Glucose.

    2. The storage of excess glucose in the body for Energy. After consumption of food, insulin levels increase in the body of a healthy person, excess glucose after consumption of food is stored in the form of glycogen in the Liver. When Insulin levels are low then the Liver releases glycogen in the blood stream in the form of normal sugar. This job of Insulin keeps the sugar level controlled and within a normal range.

    Importance of Insulin in a Human Body.

    Directly or indirectly, the lack of insulin is only responsible for all types of Diabetes. Insulin plays a vital role in maintaining proper sugar levels in the blood stream of a person and save it from Diabetes. Diabetic patients have to take Insulin injections time to time to ensure that their body has proper level of insulin required for the proper functioning of their entire body.

    Conclusion:  Ehic application can be very effective for Diabetes. Diabetes is a deficiency diseases that forces a person to live his life under many restrictions. A person who likes to eat sweets can face hell in his life if his Blood sugar levels are not in a normal range due to lack of Insulin. Diabetes can be cured by prevention and sacrifice, Diabetes can be controlled for a limited time by taking Insulin injections.

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