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    Announced in 2007, it did not take longer for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to emerge as one of the leading Formula One races of all time. As a result of the Abu Dhabi F1 festival held in United Arab Emirates in year 2007, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix made its debut in late 2009 Formula One season, making it the 19th and the last race of the season. The concept of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix had the potential to attract crowds ecstatically, thanks to its inaugural race being the first ever day-night formula one race. The trend has continued, meaning that the races held after the inaugural race, have also been day-night races.

    So why not take your time and visit one of the most prominent events of the world to spend the time in the most glamorizing way? The EGP is happy to provide specially customized, exclusive hospitality packages to those who visit to Abu Dhabi to witness Abu Dhabi GP Hospitality while ensuring the safety along with comfort to bring you an unforgettable life moment.

    The hospitality provided throughout the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to the visitors is known for its high quality and top service. A large number of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Hospitality Packages has been included in the menu to suit the budgets of everyone that visits Abu Dhabi during the event. In addition to that, the customizability of packages ensure that the life has been made even easier for visitors by letting them unleash the world of possibilities during the three days of the event.

    The glamour brought by the location of Yas Viceroy Hotel is inimitable and its stronghold of attracting visitors is further ensured by the high quality service offered by the hotel staff. The hospitality packages specifically designed for Abu Dhabi GP Hospitality can be accommodated easily through our exclusive service and the VIP packages are priceless considering the luxuries brought to you through VIP packages.

    The VIP packages for Abu Dhabi GP Hospitality offer exclusive services that consist of meeting and greeting, limousine return transferring, daily travelling from hotel to F1 Paddock club, premium admission to Ferrari club, VIP invitations, Yas Viceroy Hotel super luxury VVIP package access and many more.

    As it was mentioned above, the beauty summoned through the event during the days of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, has always been unmatchable. Hence, this is the ultimate opportunity for you to become a proud eyewitness of one of the world’s most watched events ever and to make it a lifetime journey that will never be forgotten.

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